Okay, so the moron running this blog cursed me out and told me to “fuck off” and “unfollow” when I called them out on a couple of posts I saw.One in question is here, depicting a black woman in what appears to be a modification on a Roma-style skirt, worn here as a dress. The post/photo are entitled “GYPSY WOMAN.” I messaged the curator and told them that the woman depicted nor her dress are Romani and that “gypsy” is an ethnic slur which is highly offensive.
The other post in question is here, depicting a non-Native American white-passing woman posing topless while wearing a (cheap knockoff) Native-style headdress. I messaged the curator about this and said it is cultural appropriation and highly offensive to actual Native Americans. I also threw in “what’s up with all the racist bullshit on your blog today?”
Cue the aforementioned rude message, seen in the photo, and my response. I did message a few people on here with this info, don’t know if any of you got around to posting about this blog. But apparently this was a big enough deal for the blogger in question to screencap and post my response a few days later, without any further provocation by me. The post is entitled “ALWAYS EDUCATING.”
This is supposed to be a blog celebrating women of color of all shapes, sizes and skin tones. Pretty good stuff, right?

unfollowing them as we speak :)

Also this:

I never got the chance to see how racist whoever is behind this blog is. I unfollowed right after that ask.


I have a feeling that the person running the blog isn’t of color or a woman. Call it a hunch based on these condescending/rude responses…
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      unfollowing them as we speak :)
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